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After years of dissecting the messaging and positioning of both successful and failing brands, a surprisingly reliable formula revealed itself. I call it my 3D Branding Framework. In short, successful brands almost always tout selling points that meet all three of the criteria below. Ailing brands hang their hats on things that meet just two, one, or even none. 


A sizable number of prospective customers find the selling point or value proposition compelling. It is not so "niche-y" that it would yield limited demand.


The selling point or value proposition is unique to your organization. You are the only one (or one of just a few) doing it, or doing it well.


The selling point or value proposition is authentically who you are, not just marketing fluff or wishful thinking. It is truly true, and you can back it up with sufficient evidence and examples.

Let me help you uncover
your organization's "three Ds"

and how to make the most of them.

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