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As the name brand be told implies, I empower organizations with the essential messaging, collateral, sales tools, and other assets they need to tell their stories in ways that inspire customers to action.

Brand Architecture

I help you determine how best to organize all of your products and service lines, walking you through the pros and cons of various models and recommending naming and logo conventions. 



I develop essential foundational assets (e.g. logos, color palettes, letterhead, business cards, slide  templates) that align with and re-enforce your unique brand personality and value proposition.

Brand Positioning & Messaging 

Using my proprietary 3D Branding Framework, I uncover what makes your organization most distinctive and compelling—and then translate that into messaging that resonates with your core customers. 

Copywriting & Collateral Production

I write and produce on-brand B2B and B2C brochures, pitch decks, annual reports, sales scripts, website copy, email nurturing campaigns, direct mail pieces, and more.

Website Development

I write and design your organization's website, leveraging your new brand messaging and visual identity and providing a modern, mobile-friendly user experience. 

My Brand Discovery Package  is a great way to begin a partnership with brand be told, providing foundational positioning and messaging that can later be incorporated into collateral and other materials. 

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